Monday, July 22, 2013

Armed Forces Day

The day after we returned from Prague (June 30) we headed out to Nottingham to watch the British and Irish Lions take on the Quantas Wallabies in their second test during the Australian tour.  It was fun to watch rugby in a packed pub with everyone so excited.  The 2nd test was a dramatic finish where the Wallabies came back to win by 1 point, but no worries.  The Lions won the third test to win the series.  I also like that rugby is one of the few things that Ireland and the UK team up on.  (You call them tests right?)

Watching rugby with blurry friends, Go Lions!

We'd almost fit in if we weren't snapping photos

Nottingham was hosting the annual Armed Forces Day.  It's a day to recognize Her Majesty's Armed Forces and show support, and every year it's hosted in a different city.  We walked along the Victoria Embankment and took in the sights.  They had displays of Great Britain's might throughout history, from Romans to Normans to Robin Hood's Merry Men and through the wars to modern times, complete with demonstrations and mock battles.

I didn't take a lot of photos unfortunately, (or fortunately?).

No display of military would be complete without a falconry exhibit.  Don't want a spooked falcon on your hands.

Testing my mettle at the longbow, I'm supposed to be able to pull it back to my ear.  I guess I'm not qualified to be a yewman.

The highlight of the short visit was the flypasts.

A Spitfire showed off its agility.  Brits love Spitfires.

A Lancaster flanked by a Hurricane and a Spitfire

A lone Dakota

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