Friday, August 31, 2012


Kerry here! Jeff has been nagging me to write a blog post, and we've been here for one month now so I figured it was time.  We've decided Jeff will write about our trips and I will write about daily life here in the UK. This being because Jeff is a much better, funnier, more creative writer than I am and is able to spin our weekend trips into clever little stories. But his daily life is nowhere near as exciting as mine, as you will soon learn.

The move to England has meant some big changes for me, mainly no job and no car.  I get asked about this new lifestyle frequently, so here's a short list of Q&A.

1.  What do you do all day?
  • I walk. A lot.  Sometimes it's out of boredom, sometimes it's functional. I've spent more time outside in the past month than I did all of summer in Indiana.  I go for a walk first thing in the morning just to get myself up and moving. It's been a great way to get to know the area and I see something new every day. 
Fair food is different.
Mark Eaton Park.  Across from our hotel

England has palm trees?!

Since I am a housewife now, I am responsible for all the errand running. This is, of course, done on foot.   I actually enjoy this and will spend several hours walking around the mall, shops, and grocery stores looking at all the different things. This is how you learn that eggs are not refridgerated, they are next to the bread. And if you wanted to buy hats and mittens in August, you could. I could also tell you where to buy zebra print leggings, greeting cards with gratuitous nudity, or a large whippy with flake.

Not worth the carbs.  Where's the elephant ears?

Added bonus: My grip strength is going to be phenomenal from all the grocery carrying.

  • Laundry. Laundry is a daily chore here in England. We currently have a tiny washer/dryer combo unit in our temporary housing. It holds about half of what a washing machine in the states would hold. I'm pretty sure all it does it get everything wet and wrinkly while sounding like it's a space shuttle about to lift off. Anything larger than a sock comes out after being washed and goes on to one of the three provided drying racks. The rest stays in the "dryer" for 2 hours and still comes out damp and wrinkled. Our permanent house (fingers crossed, still waiting on paperwork to be signed) has a separate washer and dryer but I am not optimistic because there is also a clothes line in the backyard.  (Really? A clothesline? In rainy England?)
Shouldn't this be where the dishwasher goes?

  • Travel planning.  This may sound fun, but it is not. It's work. I spend hours staring at my computer screen reading reviews and recommendations, translating languages, and converting currencies. I know I shouldn't complain about having to spend my free time planning vacations, but seriously, it's not fun. If I have learned one thing from trying to plan our weekend trips, it's that I will never, ever have a desk job.

2. Besides friends and family, what do you miss the most?
Target and everything under its roof. Normal bathroom faucets. Stores staying open past 8pm. Wrinkle Release spray.

Would you like burning hot or freezing cold water to wash your face with?


3. Do you miss driving?
Not really. I can get pretty much anywhere I need to on foot or by public transportation. I have a hard enough time remembering which to way to look when crossing the street and which side of the car to get into, so I'm keeping the streets safe by not driving. Straight roads and street signs are rare, multiple lane roundabouts are common.

Too many intersections happening here.

Our hotel is 18.2 miles from our CrossFit gym. According to Google Maps, there are 17 directional steps to follow. That's a lot of turns. I'm car sick by the time we get there. To put that into perspective, I could drive 150 miles from my house in Indy to my parents house in Valpo in only 12 steps. Or I could drive 1,610 miles from my house in Indy to Flagstaff, AZ in 23 steps.  

One month down, eleven to go!  We have a lot to look forward to-moving, travel, visitors. There's still a lot to see and a lot to learn.

Stanly has adjusted well.









  1. Kerry this is hilarious and so true! What is your cat doing!?!

  2. He's unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper. At least he got it in the toilet. Easy cleanup!